merde /mɛʀd/ feminine noun: shit(popular) ; turd (colloquial); crap (popular) ; mess (colloquial).

I graduated with a  bachelor’s degree in Physics from Loyola College, India. I went on to do a double masters in photonics from Friedrich Schiller University, Jena and masters in applied physics from Ecole Polytechnique and Institut d’Optique, Paris. I am currently a graduate student at the Université Paris-Sud 11

My current work involves the instrumental development of a tunable super-resolution imaging system with multi-dimensional, dynamic imaging capabilities. Such an system would be used to investigate biological specimens esp. neurons in the sub-diffraction regime. My research interests are in light-matter interaction, near-field optics, novel light sources, waveguide theory, microscopy, point-spread function engineering and adaptive optics.

The vagaries of my thesis work can be found on  Phd In  Merde




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..a breath of wind from

the wings of madness..



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