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Sid, formerly sid, not to be confused with SID is a 25 year old mistake in the gene pool. Often confused, mostly sleepy, perpetually horny, Sid dabbles with quite a few pseudo-intellectual pursuits, predominantly relating to the nature of his vanishing cutlery, the state of his carpet and a poor dog that once bit his left fore-arm.

Once theistic, later agnostic, now an atheist, Sid is a swirling mass of contradictions. He will rant about how life is unfair and then go onto say life is unfair. No contradiction? He hasn’t got a life in the first place.

Career skills include pretending to solve huge equations that you saw on Russell Crowe’s window panes, chasing lizards and eating idli-dosai-sambar-vadai. He is also a full time student trying to figure how lenses work and what lies at the end of a rainbow. When not contemplating the mysteries of light, Sid plays the guitar off-tune, waxes eloquent on a lot of obscure authors, collects huge volumes of text written in ‘mathematics’ and indulges in verbal jousting.

There are only two things Sid is extremely proud of. His impeccable taste in art and music.We do not guarantee that he knows much of either. The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Doors are the gods that he swears by. He tries to emulate the Slash but  a cigarette and a bare torso is as far as he would get in this lifetime.
Sid spends most of his time trying to  match his socks
and hunting down his glasses.

P.S.: SiDo absolutely misses Jena and uses the sock to wipe his nose.

P.P.S. – Currently, Sid no longer misses Jena and is quite happy to be in the Debauchery Central 🙂


2 Responses to "About Me"

I concur with most of course!

Fantastic…keep the good work going!

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